Why You Need Pathway and Stairway Lighting

Illuminating your home's façade may be the most prominent type of lighting to bring instant curb appeal, but pathway and stairway lighting is arguably the most important. Path lighting and stair lighting is valuable for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Uneven...

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Outdoor Lighting Plans When Building or Remodeling

by Lani Furbank When you’re building a new house or having remodeling work done on your existing home, it seems like there are a million and one things to consider. From tile choices and paint colors to ceiling heights and window placement, it’s easy to get caught up...

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Ten Lies Told By So-Called Lighting Experts

by Lani Furbank Finding an honest contractor is one of the top concerns for homeowners starting a new home improvement or design project. We often meet clients who have had poor contractor experiences prior to contacting us; they've encountered second-rate lighting...

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5 Reasons You Should Buy Local Lighting

Image Credit: "Shop” by Rawich on by Lani Furbank The phrase “buy local” is becoming a major buzz word in the food community: There are now more farm-to-table restaurants than you can count, and business is booming at farmers markets. This...

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Everything You Need to Know About Moon Lighting

By Lani Furbank Moon lighting. We’re not talking about starting a side hustle! Moon lighting is a very popular style of landscape lighting, but most people don’t really know much about it. In fact, the term is often used incorrectly to describe any light that is...

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Outdoor Lighting Among Top Design Trends

By Lani Furbank A survey published by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), revealed that outdoor lighting looks to be the second most popular outdoor design element of 2016. The Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey asked landscape...

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How to Get Your Lighting Project Approved by Your HOA

by Lani Furbank Installing outdoor lighting is a little different than your average DIY home improvement project. Before your new system can be installed, you likely need to get your design approved by your homeowners association, if you have one. As we explained last...

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Why Homebuilders Offer Outdoor Lighting Packages

by Lani Furbank When our owner Patrick began his career in lighting 16 years ago, outdoor lighting was an anomaly. Driving through a Washington, D.C. neighborhood or the suburbs, you wouldn’t see many homes with professional lighting systems. Over the past decade,...

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How to Design the Perfect Backyard Lighting System

"Outdoor" lighting is a very broad term. For many lighting designers, every outdoor lighting project is approached the same way, whether it’s for a façade, a backyard, or a pool. At Enlightened Lighting, we have a very specific design philosophy exclusively for...

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