Design & Installation

We have an uncompromising passion for our residential landscape lighting design in Arlington, Fairfax, McLean, Centreville and surrounding towns.

There is no room for shortcuts in our business. The high quality exterior lighting fixtures and connections we use, including our components and equipment, ensure that your system operates effectively with minimal maintenance for years to come.

We understand that everyone has their own unique tastes for their home. Since you are familiar with how interior lighting can truly set a mood in a room, the same can be said for landscape lighting. Each design is customized according to your distinct tastes and needs for your entire property from exterior lights for the front of the house to garden lighting for paths, ponds, and patios.

Throughout the entire design process, we will keep you informed about balancing the lighting intensity and placement of exterior lights around your home, garden, outdoor deck, flower bed, pool and stairs. We also handle landscape lighting for commercial properties.

Lighting Consultation 


For you to visualize how Enlightened Lights outdoor lighting system will add to your Northern VA home, we offer a complimentary evening design consultation. Whether you live in Arlington, Fairfax, McLean, Centreville or even Washington DC, our exterior lights increase a sense of elegance, safety, and security for homeowners and business properties.

For a lighting consultation at no cost or commitment, let us show you how our landscape lights and design ideas will make your gorgeous front walkway or porch columns stand out. We purposely place our LED quality home lighting fixtures to enhance your hardscaped patio or beautiful trees. Feel confident on your outdoor stairs with each step appropriately lit. We will also help you see how you can make your outdoor space usable in the evening with the proper lighting and save energy.


Our technicians have been installing outdoor lighting and garden lighting in the industry for over a decade. Using precision, exact specifications and innovative techniques, we install the highest quality, low voltage LED lights for sidewalk and pathway lighting. In fact, we have set the standards in landscape lighting in northern Virginia.

Lighting System Wire Depth

Other key differences between discount outdoor lighting and Enlightened Lights home and garden architectural lighting equipment are experience and attention to details before, during and after installation.

In fact, our proper line laying tools allow us to bury our wires at a minimum depth of 6 to 9 inches without disrupting your lawn. Most companies follow a 1-3 inch depth for wire. At Enlightened Lights we know that burying the wire at a deeper depth saves you from frustration and additional costs because of accidental cut wires. It also follows the National Electric Code for low voltage lighting.

We take care to work around tree roots, your yard irrigation and even invisible dog fences. One of our most important goals is to leave your property looking more beautiful.

Cementing Light Fixtures in the Ground


Having a perfectly straight path light 5-10 years after it is installed is what we expect. We will cement any fixture that is going to stand more than 8 inches off the ground to ensure our designs live up to this standard of excellence. This additional step is another reason our exterior lighting systems are superior.

Landscape Lighting Connections


Like a link in a chain, each wire connection has the potential to be a weak point of an exterior lighting system. No reputable landscape lighting company would use temporary connections, such as pinch connectors or a quick connect.

We use our exclusive outdoor permanent connection. It is for that reason we have seen our connections that are 5 years old with copper wire still as shiny as the day it was installed. Call us now or fill out the online contact form to schedule a no obligation lighting consultation for your home.

Also, check out our photo gallery for examples of our clients’ LED garden lighting, lights for driveway and front of homes in Prince William and Loudoun VA as well as patio wall lights and underwater lights in Washington DC.

Get a Free Outdoor Lighting Consultation

Get a taste of what outdoor light can do for your home. Our complimentary night-time demonstration will allow you to see what can be achieved before you decide.

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