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In order to find a fixture to meet our high standards, we needed to create it ourselves.  

Now over 150 other lighting professionals around America are using the fixtures that we designed. 

Message from Patrick Harders, founder of Enlightened Lighting

When I founded Enlightened Lighting several years ago, LEDs were still up and coming. The idea of saving 80% on energy and never having to change a bulb again was an amazing proposition. However, LED fixtures also had a 10-50% failure rate. Even after researching and testing lights from some of the largest lighting manufacturers in the nation, I was still unsatisfied with the reliability and look of LED lighting. So, I began to research how I could create a better light fixture myself.

After much deliberation and having exhausted all other alternatives, my friends, Damien Sanchez and Josh Palmer, set off with me on a journey to design and manufacture our own reliable, high-quality fixtures. This journey would eventually lead us to found Enlightened Lighting’s sister company: Sterling Lighting.

Working together with a team of engineers, in 2013, we released our serviceable, dedicated LED design with five brightness settings and four different beam patterns—all in a single fixture. We’ve obtained 9 patents and have another 9 pending, and our products lead the industry in reliability: our failure rate is less than 0.25%! Today, Sterling Lighting sells fixtures to 150 companies across the United States and continues to show tremendous growth.

Having worked in the lighting industry since college, I know how important it is to install long-lasting, durable fixtures. From marine-grade, virgin brass to 316 stainless steel, we use the highest quality materials available. Our SL07 Path Light, for example, weighs an impressive 5 pounds and is designed to be perfectly balanced. As for the lights themselves, our CREE LED chips are tested both in the factory and out in the field to ensure they meet our high standards.

Our products are the highest-grade, longest-lasting fixtures in the market, but we’re able to offer them at a competitive price because we cut out the middleman and design and manufacture the fixtures ourselves. This saves you money, without sacrificing quality and performance. So, when you choose Enlightened Lighting for your outdoor lighting, you can be confident in knowing that you’re not only receiving years of hands-on experience and excellent customer service, but also fixtures that are custom-made to exceed your expectations.

Because we use LEDs, our systems are 70 to 80% more energy-efficient than halogen systems and last 10 times longer.

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