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Landscape Lighting

At Enlightened Lighting, our philosophy is that outdoor lighting should enhance the natural beauty of your home by accentuating its unique architectural features with an elegant design that is customized to your tastes. 

Our lighting is subtle, but the results are remarkable. We aim to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your outdoor spaces so that you look forward to being outside, whether you’re entertaining family and friends on a warm summer evening, or cuddling up by a fire pit on a brisk winter night. 

We offer lighting designs to meet any budget, and our expert designers can bring out the best in any property—be it a charming townhome in Alexandria or an expansive manor in Loudoun County.

Patio Lighting

Well-designed outdoor patio lights can enhance the beauty of your home. Outdoor patio lighting can add certain colors to spice up the environment and allows you to create different layers by using colored, bright or dim lighting within the landscape. 

Whether you’re entertaining family and friends on a warm summer evening, or cuddling up by a fire pit on a brisk winter night, aesthetically pleasing outdoor lighting can bring your patio to life.

Garden Lighting

Garden lighting continues to be a top trend in outdoor lighting industry. We understand that strategically placed exterior light fixtures make a dramatic enhancement for your property in Northern VA or Washington DC.

From underwater lighting to add ambiance to your garden pond, fountain, poolside, or deck to illuminating a garden path, statuary, or fountain specific trees on your property, Enlightened Landscape Lights understands the nuances in enhancing details with quality garden lights for your landscape lighting system.

Path Lighting

Path lighting ensures you and visitors to your home are able to walk through your garden in the evening safely without the risk of tripping over a step or loosing your way. At Enlightened, we ensure we stagger the lighting in a more fluid manner rather than place the fittings tightly in a ridged straight line to provide a sense of natural balance, subtly and softness.

You can also nestle path lights into the planting that sits alongside the path providing a more natural look and creating depth. Choosing the finish and style of fittings that tie into the overall look of your property will help maintain a consistency with the aesthetics.

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