photo-maintOur Maintenance Services

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Enlightened Lighting systems are designed to be the lowest maintenance systems possible. We only install the highest quality LED lighting systems using either solid copper or bronze light fixtures. This dramatically reduces the upkeep costs of your system. In fact, we believe enough in our systems to offer our clients a lifetime warranty.

All landscape lighting systems need some TLC to always look their best. Our outdoor lighting maintenance plan is something that truly sets us apart from other companies. It also gives you the confidence that your landscape light system will look amazing many years from now.

Every six months, we come out to your property and run full diagnostic testing. As we check the system for preventive maintenance, we also want to determine that the light fixture placement is in its optimal placement. We may even determine to perform some minor trimming of bushes or shrubs that could be blocking light output or even move some lights from time to time, as needed.

Besides having a trained technician inspecting your exterior lighting system every six months, we also place you on our VIP customer list. This increases your warranty to a lifetime warranty on the light bulb. If you ever have a light bulb burn out, it is replaced at no charge. If you ever have a service call that is outside of your six-month check up, we come out at no extra charge for you.* We also offer one fixture replacement per year if it is misused or abused.

The Enlightened Landscape Lights maintenance plan gives our clients an unprecedented level of service and peace of mind. All of this is provided at an amazing price.

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