Garden Lighting

Strategically placed garden lighting can accent your outdoor space

Garden lighting continues to be a top trend in the outdoor lighting industry.

We understand that strategically placed exterior light fixtures make a dramatic enhancement for your property in Northern VA, Washington DC, or Maryland. From underwater lighting to add ambiance to your garden pond, fountain, poolside, or deck to illuminating a garden path, statuary, or fountain specific trees on your property, Enlightened Landscape Lights understands the nuances in enhancing details with quality garden lights for your landscape lighting system.

Unlike other “designers” who just put lights on every tree, which is distracting and too busy, our expert technicians are selective in placing your exterior lighting system so as to compliment your home and landscaping. In fact, we recognize that tree species require different landscape lighting techniques.

Pine or Spruce Trees
Pines and spruce trees look great when uplit or washed with light. However, it is important to make sure the dead branches down low are trimmed. Otherwise, it will look like you are lighting a dying tree.
Harry Lauders Walking Stick
This gnarly-looking tree can look stunning at night with the proper light casting shadows and highlighting its intricately twisted branches.
Magnolias have beautiful blossoms that are great to showcase at night. However, sometimes their brown underleaf makes them look unhealthy, which can be solved with downlighting.
Cherry Tree
These trees are famous in the DC area. When lit up at night, their pink and white blossoms are a beautiful contrast against the dark sky.
Crape Myrtle
In DC, Crape Myrtles are king. They grow quickly, have a wonderful smooth bark, and produce vibrant flowers. At night, they are the perfect canvas for lighting.
Red Maple
While they are similar in color to the Japanese maple, they often grow taller and are not as dense. With the proper lighting, they can add a bold, fiery pop of color to your nighttime landscape.
Because of its smooth bark and grand size, lights with the proper color temperature can have an amazing effect on this tree.
Japanese Maple
These trees are a showstopper with their beautiful red, lacy leaves. However, they can be tricky to light because these trees don’t grow tall, but wide. To take full advantage of this tree’s bold colors, bright lighting is essential.
The state tree of Virginia, dogwoods are very open and delicate looking. Because they typically do not grow very tall, dogwords help provide eye-level lighting. In the spring, their white and pink blossoms are a sight to behold both day and night.
Large Oak
The oak is a symbol of strength. On some properties, a large oak can be used as a centerpiece for an entire lighting project.
River Birch
This is one of my absolute favorite trees to work with. The peeling white bark, open branches, and small leaves look lovely when lit up.

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