7 Signs Your Community Entrance Needs New Outdoor Lighting

You probably work hard to increase your home’s curb appeal and make it look great, but don’t forget that your home isn’t what makes the first impression when a new guest comes to visit. Your community entrance sign is the very first thing people see when they drive through your neighborhood. A prominent and professional display will make a statement about you and your home before your visitor even pulls into your driveway. One way to make sure your community entrance sign looks great is to install lighting.Community Entrance

Your community entrance probably needs new lighting if…

1. Your entryway sign disappears at night.

Many communities have a grand and stately brick or concrete signs proudly marking the entrance to the neighborhood. Most likely, there was an approval process, an investment, and a significant amount of effort that went into building the perfect sign that is welcoming and represents the caliber of the community. Maybe your community even pays a landscaper to beautify the space. All that hard work goes to waste if the sign is only visible during the day!

2. Visitors have trouble finding your community at night.

A sign that disappears at night can make it difficult for guests to find your neighborhood. You don’t want your party guests to end up getting lost on the way because they missed your community’s entrance sign! (This can also be hazardous! We’ll explain that later.)

3. The entrance looks boring and lacks curb appeal.

You and your neighbors are proud of your community, so your entrance sign should show it! If you have a basic or bare entryway, lighting it is a quick and cost-effective way to spruce it up. This is especially helpful for new communities that may not have had a chance to put in landscaping or an elaborate display.

4. The entrance is well-manicured and landscaped.

Quite the opposite of boring and barren, you have invested in a landscaper to keep the entryway beautiful. However, the flowers, trees and shrubbery that create a welcoming appeal, only disappear at night.

5. Your current lighting scheme is sub-par.

Even if your entrance sign already has lighting, it might not be of a professional caliber. Here are some common instances of sub-par lighting:

  • Low-Quality Solar Lights

If your sign has inexpensive solar fixtures, the light output is probably weak. It minimally illuminates the sign but is barely noticeable.

  • Outdated or Oversized Commercial Fixtures

Ugly box floodlights are common for community signs. Some even have a cage cover over the light source. If the light is a yellowish color, then it is likely a high-pressure sodium light, which was popular back in the 1970s. Old lighting is less efficient, is more likely to malfunction and doesn’t set the right mood for your community’s entrance.

  • Single Spotlight

A single light shining directly onto your sign makes it appear flat and uninteresting. It doesn’t illuminate the entire entrance area, so landscaping elements or other key design features are lost at night. Typically, single spotlights only cast light on the small portion of the sign where the lettering appears.

  • Frequent Burnout of Light Bulbs

If your community’s maintenance team has to replace the bulbs on a quarterly basis, this is a sign that your fixtures are low quality. This is an unnecessary cost and time commitment, especially when the new bulbs you buy are supposed to last longer than a few months.

6. You want a more energy-efficient lighting system.Community Entrance Lit Up

Your entrance sign shouldn’t be using a lot of energy. Switching to energy-efficient options like LED fixtures will help save your community money, and it will reduce the environmental impact of the fixtures. Neighborhoods that have already made eco-friendly improvements in other aspects of the community should definitely consider upgrading their lighting options.

7. Accidents have happened near your intersection.

Safety is a top concern for every residential community. Dark areas are prone to accidents, especially if they cause drivers to slow down significantly to figure out where they are going. Entrance lighting is an effective way to increase visibility at your neighborhood’s intersection and prevent collisions.

Enlightened Lighting has designed lighting for many communities and neighborhoods to make their entrance signs and entryways stand out. If you think your entrance needs a facelift, contact us today! We’ll work with you and your community board to make your sign shine.