Loudoun County Outdoor Lighting

We completed a project in Loudoun county. This is a a very typical Northern Virginia home. We designed a soft even wash across the front of the house. We added a light on the red plum tree in front. We also decided to add one light on the side of the house in a small tree. It is always surprising what a difference one light can make in the right location. This one light brought a lot of the fullness of the property.

Many times people only ask us to light the front of the house. I almost always suggest adding a few fixtures around the side in order to help round out the property do that it does not look one dimensional.

We also added a few path lights around the patio in back and a couple of up lights on the trees in the backyard. The dramatic impact outdoor lighting created provided more curb appeal to this home than anything else our customers did.

Loudoun county outdoor lighting

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