Lighting Techniques for Different Tree Species

Night lighting isn’t just pointing a few lights at your house and calling it a day – it can be so much more vibrant! Since our beginnings, Enlightened has believed in the power and beauty of subtle tree lighting to cast dazzling shadows and animated effects onto your home and lawn. At Enlightened, we specialize in lighting techniques for different tree species to create beautiful designs that transcend natural lighting.Lighting Techniques for Different Tree Species

Not every tree works with landscape tree lighting, and over the years, Enlightened has carefully experimented with the best way to use lighting for each tree type. For example, River Birches, with their unique bark, long branches, and (usually) close proximity to water makes them great choices for up or downlighting. Evergreens can be tricky to work with, but by using a few different techniques, we can help turn looming spruce into a beautiful centerpiece.

Tree Lighting TechniquesLit Home

Enlightened Lights designers use a few different lighting techniques for different tree species to give your home and yard the captivating yet subtle effects of gorgeous tree lighting.

By installing one or two fixtures at the base of a large and full tree, we can create what the industry calls uplighting, which really brings your trees to life.

  • Uplighting illuminates the trunk and several branches of a tree, helping it stand out as a centerpiece in your landscape.
  • Uplighting works great with oaks, maples, and beech trees.

For a very unique look, Enlightened can create shadow effects that radiate onto your yard and home.

  • Shadowing works best on trees that are close to a wall or standing alone in a large area.
  • Carefully positioning light to shine through a tree, an ambient shadow effect can be created, projecting a sense of mystery and mystique onto your home.

Moonlighting also called down lighting, is a technique that works by installing small landscape lights up in the branches of the trees, creating shadows on your yard.Lit Backyard

  • We like to think of it as having your own personal moonlight shining through your trees.

The Enlightened Difference

Unlike other landscapers who install lights on every tree, our Enlightened technicians carefully choose which trees should be illuminated and which ones shouldn’t. Installing lights for every tree creates a very busy and polluted look that distracts from the overall beauty of your home and lawn.

If you’re ready to talk to one of our expert designers about adding beautiful landscape tree lighting to your yard, contact Enlightened Lights to schedule a complimentary consultation or call us at 703-215-9089.