Different Types of Lights for Your Yard

An outdoor path light is on and it looks like it has just rained

Knowing where to start when you plan to install or change your outdoor lighting setup can be intimidating. But where is the best place to start? An excellent first step is knowing the different fixtures you can use.


When finding the proper outdoor lighting for your home, there are many different types to choose from. Here are some of the premier fixtures offered at Sterling Lighting that can make your outdoor lighting visions a reality.

Up Lights

Up lights, also known as elevated lights or ground lights, are fixtures placed on the ground and pointing upwards. They are commonly used to accentuate walkways, landscaping features, and architectural details. While up lights are typically used for decorative purposes, they can also provide functional benefits such as improved safety and security.

At Sterling Lighting, we offer a wide variety of premium up-lighting fixtures. Including the SL11 Archer Light, the SL31 Mini Up Light, the SL01N Narrow Spot Light, and more.

Down Lights

One option for outdoor lighting is down lights. These lights are installed in the eaves of a house or other buildings and point downwards to illuminate the area below. Down lights are a popular choice for outdoor lighting because they are relatively unobtrusive and can provide soft, ambient light. Additionally, down lights can be easily directed to highlight specific features or areas, making them versatile and adaptable.

At Sterling Lighting, we offer down lighting in a variety of formats of down lighting. We have our SL23 Down Light and SL33 Mini Down Light, which can be screwed to a wall or eave. We also offer our SL23 Hanging Light, which provides a different look for lighting your home’s trees, gazebos, and more.

Wash Lights

Wash lights can be placed on the ground, walls, or ceilings, producing a wide, even beam of light that can make a space look larger and brighter. Because wash lights are so versatile, they are often used in a variety of settings, including homes, businesses, parks, and other public spaces. In addition to their aesthetic benefits, wash lights can provide security by helping illuminate dark areas.

If you’re looking to light a larger open space, our SL04 Mini Flood may be the perfect solution. Even with its compact size, the mini flood offers a strong light beam, perfect for lighting walls, tree lines, and more.

Well Lights

Well lights are a type of landscape lighting installed in the ground. They are typically used to highlight features such as gardens, sculptures, and architectural details. Well lights are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

At Sterling Lighting, we offer versatile well lightings, like our SL36 Mini Light and SL06 Well Light, that can be used to discreetly and powerfully illuminate trees, steps, and other fixtures of your yard.

Hardscape Lights

Our hardscape lights offer the perfect lighting for many different areas of your yard and the exterior of your home.

Cafe Light Kit

Stringing cafe lights can add a cozy and warm atmosphere to any outdoor space. It can be tempting to hang these types of lights by yourself, but it’s a better idea to call in professionals. Our team can ensure the lights are securely hung and can make sure they and nothing they’re attached to will come crashing down. Our cafe lights are made of commercial-grade wire and efficient low-wattage LEDs while still having a timeless fashion.

Dock Light

Having improper lighting near a boat dock or body of water can be dangerous and lead to injuries and other accidents. Our SL13 Dock Lights, with their sleek dome-design, will help illuminate any water landscape to ensure safety and style.

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