The Importance of Path Lighting

Two photos of a yard with lots of greenery and beautiful path lights

Outdoor lighting can serve many purposes; it can increase the safety and aesthetic of your home or commercial space. In this blog, we’ll discuss why path lighting is important, where you can find quality outdoor lighting fixtures, and how Enlightened Lighting can help achieve all your outdoor lighting goals.

Why Path Lighting Is Important

Path lights are important for both safety and aesthetics. In terms of safety, path lights can help to prevent trips and falls by illuminating the walkway. They can also be used to highlight obstacles in the path, such as steps or tree roots. Regarding aesthetics, path lights can be used to create a pleasing and inviting outdoor space. They can be used to accentuate features of the landscape, such as gardens or ponds. Path lights can also be used to create a sense of drama or atmosphere, making an outdoor space more enjoyable to spend time in. Whether for safety or style, path lights play an important role in the overall design of outdoor space.

Premium Fixtures From Sterling Lighting

Sterling Lighting is a premium outdoor lighting fixture company founded by landscape lighting professionals. The founders noticed a severe lack of high-quality LED lighting sources, so they took matters into their own hands to create energy-efficient, premium, lasting lighting fixtures. Their path light fixtures include:

SLO7 Path Light

The SL07 path light is built to last and is perfect for lighting pathways, driveways, or a beautiful garden bed. It can help deter tripping hazards and highlight the wonderful plants in your yard. The LED is set inside the light in a way that helps reduce glare for a crisper night look. You can have these installed in an antique bronze or raw brass finish.

SLO7P Pinnacle Path Light

Similar to Sterling Lighting’s classic path light, the SLO7P is a lasting LED fixture that is perfect for lighting winding pathways, short or long driveways, and garden beds. The SLO7P has an untreated brass tip (unlike the SLO7 with a standard black top) that, over time, will naturally age and patina, which creates a teal-ish color as the bronze oxidizes naturally. This path light is built on a perfectly balanced stem designed to prevent leaning. You can also have these installed in an antique bronze or raw brass embellishment.

SL17 Railey Light

If you don’t prefer the aesthetic of the traditional path lights, the SL17 Railey Light can serve as a great alternative. These outdoor lights are far more compact, drawing less notice to the fixture itself without compromising on illumination. They are perfect for lighting paths and walkways.

Bollard Light

If you’re looking for a light to help illuminate larger open spaces, the Bollard Light is the perfect solution. This light yields 210 lumens of light, making it perfect for spaces such as small commercial properties. It can also be used in a residential space to light up a walkway or driveway.

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