Willing Warriors and Our Community Involvement

A yard of trees washed in warm light

November is Veterans Month; a month meant to honor the brave men and women who fight for our country's freedom. This Veteran’s Month, we wanted to highlight Willing Warriors and their commitment to serving our nation’s Veterans. Patrick, our founder, and his wife, Laura, had been drawn to the mission of Willing Warriors for a while and wanted to partner with them. It was an honor for our team to be able to create a space for our brave warriors and their families to reconnect.

Willing Warriors’ Mission

Willing Warriors’ “Warrior Retreat” is a retreat that offers wounded and recovering warriors the space to heal, process, and rest away from the hospital. It gives them a safe space to transition back to life at home with their families. They hope that with the provided time and resources, Veterans will leave feeling restored within their mind, spirit, and soul. The retreat is on 37 acres of private land with beautiful views and active wildlife. They aim to honor those who continue to fight for our freedoms at home.

How Lighting Can Affect Veterans

Light has a profound effect on our emotional state. In the summer, longer days and more sunlight can elevate our mood and give us a burst of energy. In the winter, shorter days and less sunlight can make us tired and depressed. But it's not just the amount of light that matters, the quality of light is also essential. Bright, natural light helps to energize and refresh us, while dim, artificial light can make us feel sluggish and stressed. For people suffering from PTSD, light can be a particularly important tool for managing symptoms. Research has shown that exposure to bright light can help to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.

At Willing Warriors, an issue they noticed they were facing early on was inadequate outdoor lighting. Without their exterior being properly lit, their building’s interior lights were turning the windows into mirrors and triggering some of the veterans’ PTSD, causing them to fall into old patterns of hypervigilance instead of working towards well-deserved relaxation.

How Enlightened Lighting Helped Create A Welcome Atmosphere

Our team then worked to donate and create a custom outdoor lighting set up for the Veterans staying at Willing Warriors. We worked to help create outdoor lighting to break the visual plane and create a welcoming and comfortable environment for the recovering warriors. Our custom setup included up-lighting the trees surrounding the property, ensuring the fireplace was well-lit, increasing the comfort of the property, and more. We hope Veterans and their families can enjoy it for years to come.

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