Customer testamonials

Here are two customer reviews we received this week.  Both were from customers with systems over 10 years old. The first one, had their first service call in 10 years, and it was due to a landscaping project damaging the wires. Our star technician, Danny, quickly fixed everything and got it all back in order.  The second system is also running smooth after a decade.  In the long run, quality always pays.  I guess Ben was correct, 

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” 

― Benjamin Franklin

"This was a service call on my outdoor lighting system - had been installed for over 10 years and first service. Enlightened Lighting installed the original system, and I've added several additional Sterling lighting fixtures. Turned out that several connections had come loose over time and with recent landscaping project. Danny Amaya and his associate did a GREAT job today - tracked the lighting circuit, found and fixed several non-working connections and replaced one fixture. Danny was both professiona and personable (turns out he's a cat lover too). When they finished, my stone house once again looked like one of the pictures on the Enlightened Lighting brochures. Looks great once again."

"We have had their lighting systems for more than a decade, and we have been very happy with the work. We had a problem recently, and the lead technician, Danny, diagnosed our issue quickly and we were good to go. Excellent work, terrific service. Highly recommend them!"

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