Deck lighting

One thing I always try to avoid is painted or powder coated fixtures. The reason for this is that most of “painted” fixtures are cast aluminum. Even if you use the best powder coating methods in the world, if the aluminum underneath begins to pit, then the coating will have nothing to stick to and will peel off. That is why most manufactures only warranty aluminum fixtures from 1-5 years.

A customer in Ashburn, Virginia wanted deck lights, but they insisted that the fixtures are white. Rather than just go out and order aluminum white deck lights, I used our brass deck light and had the manufacturer powder coat them. The brass will hold up much better and this will allow the coating to last much longer.

We installed 14 deck lights on the deck, stairs, and we even put a few underneath the deck. As you can see, we used on of our wire hiding techniques so that there were no wires showing. In the end, we were able to deliver exactly what our customer ask for in a custom deck lighting system.

deck lighting

deck lighting