Driveway lights

One thing the homes in Northern Virginia and Maryland are known for are being long. Couple this with so many neighborhoods that do not have street lights and you can have some dark driveways and difficult to navigate driveways.

When you are pulling your car in at night it is usually not a problem as your head lights supply enough light to guide you in. The issues arise when you are trying to back out of the driveway or if you are walking down the driveway at night. This happens a lot for people, whether they are walking dog or talking the trash out. Many people unfamiliar with the dark driveway also have issues. It is surprising how many people tell me of guests that are always having trouble navigating their way out of a driveway. Providing some lighting at a particular difficult curve or at the end of the drive can make things a lot easier.

There are a number of ways to provide some lighting on a driveway. Typically, we can use path lights, down lights or post lanterns. For this post I am going to focus on path lights. This works well if there is a natural area or a mulch bed along the drive. Otherwise the fixtures are in the grass and thy will take a lot of abuse. On this property in McLean, Virginia we installed nine path lights long the drive. We purposely staggered thm so that it would not have the runway effect.

These path lights provide enough light to even allow guests to see their way out of the drive when they are backing out. They also do not distract from the lighting on the rest of the house.