Path lighting

Pathway lights are the most abused fixtures in landscape lighting. We have all seen the airport runway impersonation done by neighbors and or friends. This is where they install a pathlight ever few feet. One time, after we had finished up lighting a customers facade of the home, they went out an installed 150 solar lights down their driveway. You can only imagine how difficult it was to conceal my displeasure.

I believe in the philosophy of less is more with path lights. It is important to install a light when there is a change of elevation that could cause someone to fall. This does not mean that every inch of the sidewalk needs to be illuminated.
Many times indirect or reflective lighting can illuminate a sidewalk. This is accomplished by lighting the house or sometimes a tree near a sidewalk.

When path lights are installed, I like to space them out as needed. I also like to use the natural curvature of the light spread to light the curves of a walkway. I personally like to stagger the lights so they do not form a perfectly symmetric row of lights.

Pictured below was a dangerous stairwell that we put five fixtures in to make traveling up and down the stairs safe. This is especially important when guests are trying to navigate stairs like these.

pathway lighting