Some of my favorite trees to light up

11. Pine or Spruce Trees

These can look great with some lighting. Sometimes we wash pine trees and sometimes we up light them. It is important to make sure the dead branches down low are trimmed up, otherwise it will look like you are lighting a dying tree.

10. Harry Lauders Walking Stick

This gnarly looking small tree can look beautiful at night.

9. Magnolias

Sometimes beautiful, but sometimes brown under leaf makes look unhealthy. Sometimes this can be solved by downlighting the magnolia tree.

8. Large Oak

The Oak is a symbol of strength. A large oak can be used as a centerpiece for an entire lighting project.

7. Beech

With its smooth bark and grand size, this tree can have an amazing effect.

6. Japanese Maple

Sometimes tricky to light due to it not growing tall, but very wide. It is also very dense so you need to use bright lights to make it stand out. The deep red color and lacy leaves make this a top tree.

5. Dogwood

The Dogwood is the state tree of Virginia and is very open and delicate looking. It typically does not grow too tall so the dogwoods help provide lighting that is eye level. When the dogwoods bloom in the spring their pink or white flowers are beautiful.

4. Red Maple

Similar to the Japanese maple, the red maples provide wonderful color. They are taller and more open than the Japanese maple, do I rated them higher.

3. River Birch

This is one of my absolute favorite trees. The peeling white bark, open branches, and small leaves make this a great tree for lighting.

2. Cherry Trees

Recently they put some up lights at the cherry blossom festival. When these trees are in full bloom they are a real show stopper. The pink or white flowers lit up with a dark night background stand out so much brighter at night than during the day.

1. Crape Myrtle

In the DC metro area, Crape Myrtles are king. The grow quickly, have a wonderful smooth bark, a lot of structure, and they have vibrant flowers. These trees are simply great for lighting.