Nighttime Lighting Design

How far will your lighting designer go to get you the perfect design?

In the age of speed and instant gratification we have become accustomed to things being done fast. I am still amazed when I buy something on Amazon and the next day it is at my door. At Enlightened we have a laser focus on being as efficient as possible when it comes to customer service, product design, installation techniques, etc, but lighting design is not something we believe should be rushed. With so many options in lighting and everyone having there own distinctive tastes, a great lighting design must have a designer that is willing to go the extra mile.

Most “lighting designers” simply do what we call a drive by designs. This is where they go out during the day and points to where lights can go. This process can last 20-30 minutes and many times is simply a 5-10 minute process. This is better than some that actually use google maps and design a lighting system, sight unseen. Both of these approaches take the creativity, hard work, and customer involvement out of the process. It is a cookie cutter approach to lighting design.

Too many in the industry never take the time to actually see what the product they are selling looks like. In their avoidance of working evenings, the only see their products during the day. This is like an architect that is unwilling to walk through their buildings to see how their projects look outside of the blueprints.

Patrick Harders, the owner of EnLightened, and his designers understand that the beauty and artistry of outdoor lighting is in the details. Being able to actually see how the lights are going to look, both the designer and the customer can determine if the light is needed, the placement, color temperature, the beam spread, the intensity. Patrick and his design team goes the extra mile to design a system right. Enlightened’s nighttime design allows their customers to see the effect lighting will have. Even with designers that are experienced as Enlightened’s, are constantly making small changes during the nighttime design. These subtle differences are why some homes look like they have some lights in them, and others looks like an artist came out and took the time to create a thing of beauty.

Enlightened is willing to make the sacrifice of time away from family, working in the dark, and the effort of setting up a little design so that their customers get the absolute best lighting design possible.