Easy Landscape Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home

Updating and renovating your home can be a daunting task – and costly. Some of the best improvements to make are also the easiest and simplest, and can usually be done in a weekend.

These easy landscape projects to increase the value of your home are great for anyone, not just the experienced do-it-yourselfer.

Flower Beds

Flower beds and gardens are the bread and butter of great landscaping. They can be placed nearly anywhere, and their shape and size is entirely up to you. Whether it’s roses, shrubs, perennials, annuals, or trees, the combinations are endless.

  • Choose a location that gets full sun (at least 6-8 hours per day) and won’t flood during heavy rain.
  • Use a garden hose or rope to map out the size and shape of your new bed.
  • For easy digging, thoroughly wet the area and use a spade shovel to dig out the outline.
  • If you have a place that could use some grass, do your best to leave the dug up grass patches intact and transplant them.
    – If not needed, compost the dug up grass or shred it up to use as filler in your new flower bed.
  • Continue digging out your flower bed until it’s how you want it.
    – Using a rototiller can make this faster, but you’ll have to shape the outline of the new bed with a shovel.
  • Once it’s all dug out, add plenty of compost, peat moss, garden soil, and top soil.
    – Consider raising the new bed higher than ground level for better water control and root growth.
    – Raking in a fertilizer before planting can help invigorate the soil.

After your new bed is nice and level, it’s time to plant! You could even put a bench, water fixture, or stones in your need bed.

Easy Landscape Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home

Walls and Borders

Another easy landscape project for great curb appeal is to add a border or wall around your beds and gardens. With so many varieties, including wooden logs, railroad ties, stones, and bricks, there’s something for everyone.

For a clean and simple look, use bricks with a color that complements your home and plants. The first layer of bricks work best if set into a trench, helping secure them. Multiple layers of bricks can be used, depending on how tall your bed is.

Easy Landscape Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home

If the last brick doesn’t quite fit, you’ll have to score and cut it.

  • Use chalk or a masonry pencil to mark where the brick needs cut.
  • Use a hammer and chisel to score at the lines, but don’t hammer too hard.
  • After the brick is scored all the way around, give it a good whack with the hammer and chisel, and it should break in two.

Stone borders work great for nearly any type of bed, and add a creative and slightly unplanned look to your bed. To prevent grass and weeds from growing between the stones, consider using grout or mortar to seal the gaps.

Easy Landscape Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home

For a more rustic look, use railroad ties or split logs. You can stain these wood borders different colors for a unique effect.


One landscape project that can really add to the value of your home and its comfort is a privacy fence. Although a privacy fence can be costly, depending on how much you need, installing one isn’t as hard as you think, especially with a few people helping out. Of course, you can hire someone to do it for you!

Other types of fencing include:

  • Split rail fence – Great for dividing a big back yard.
  • Picket fence – Complete the American dream! Picket fencing is great for small flower beds and for decoration.
  • Chain Link – While not the prettiest type of fence, chain link is versatile, easy to install, economical, and durable.
  • Iron and Aluminum – These types of fences add a beautiful sophistication to your yard and they’re very durable. They don’t offer much privacy, but a wrought iron or aluminum fence looks great!

Easy Landscape Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home

Depending on where you live, some homeowners associations only allow certain types of fencing, and there might be rules about how high it can be. Always have an inspection before installing any type of fence!

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lights are the greatest home accessory you never knew you needed! Imagine having just installed new fencing, flower beds, borders, and trees, but you can only appreciate them during the day. Landscape lighting gives you the chance to really bring your home to life at night, and the view from the street is absolutely stunning.

When a home is for sale, you never know when a potential buyer might drive by. Seeing your home at night, beautifully illuminated with landscape lights, will really set your home apart from the competition.