Light the Way With Path Lights This Winter

As winter closes in and the daylight hours are becoming shorter and shorter, the need for exterior lighting in your garden becomes more evident. While you are busy putting up your Christmas decorations and preparing your home for festive celebrations with friends and family, perhaps you should take a moment to consider whether your pathway lighting is working effectively or perhaps it’s nonexistent! Pathway lighting may be one of the most important light fixtures to install within your property as it increases accessibility, safety, security, and evening aesthetics as well as elevating your home’s curb appeal.Walkway

Less can be more

When we suggest you should light the way with path lights this winter in your garden that doesn’t imply you should transform your front yard into a mini Las Vegas casino or airport runway. It doesn’t necessarily take many light fixtures to create a visually beautiful effect while also addressing the safety issues. To achieve a beautiful result at Enlightened we take care to allow for space between each of the path light fittings and light the area well with consideration to the light quality, appropriate beam spread, and placement of the fitting.

Create ambiance

There is no doubt you should install path lighting to ensure you and your guests are able to walk through your garden in the evening safely without the risk of tripping over a step or losing your way. Although consideration should be taking to ensure your path lights add to the overall ambiance of your garden. At Enlightened, we ensure we stagger the lighting in a more fluid manner rather than place the fittings tightly in a ridged straight line to provide a sense of natural balance, subtly and softness. You can also nestle path lights into the planting that sits alongside the path providing a more natural look and creating depth. Choosing the finish and style of fittings that tie into the overall look of your property will help maintain consistency with the aesthetics. One of the reasons we designed our fittings in brass like the

The SL-07 Antiqued Polished Brass Path Light works so well with different styles of architecture and landscape design as well as material finishes in the landscape.

Tie your path lights in with the rest of your garden lighting

As you install your path fixtures take into consideration nearby lights and the overall effect when you step back and look at your entire property. If everything is light up and all focal points are highlighted, nothing really stands out and you lose the impact you originally set out to achieve. Ensure the areas such as paths, steps, and front door entrances that require lights for safety reasons are adequately lit and then proceed to select a few key choice features such as a tree, sculpture, or water feature. Creating a contrast between light and shadow will produce a much more dramatic effect

Common path lighting mistakesStairs

You may have good intentions when you installed your path lights, but unfortunately, not everyone gets it right and achieves the desired look they set out to create.

Some of the most common mistakes we see and you should try and avoid are:

  • Creating the airport look by placing the light too close together and all in a straight line.
  • Positioning the lights so that they shine up into your eyes or create a glare.
  • Using lights that are too bright making the entire pathway awash with light or installing way too many fittings.

Before your path is covered in snow and your hardscapes disappear under it, check you have adequate lighting to ensure you make it from your car to your home without losing your footing and your guests are guided along the pathway to your front door. Softly lit garden paths will denote your property is well cared for and create an appropriate welcoming for your guests to explore your home’s unique beauty and hidden treasures with the garden.