How to Create a Welcoming Entryway This Thanksgiving

Whether you’re playing host on the big day or just having guests stop by for a visit, you’ll want the inside and outside of your home to be in tip-top shape. One of the most overlooked but essential parts of your house is the entryway. In this special holiday post, we’ll show you how to create a welcoming entryway this Thanksgiving for your friends and family.

Outdoor Entryway

Before your guests even walk in, you’ll have the opportunity to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Just because it’s chilly out doesn’t mean you can’t adorn your doorstep with plants and lush garlands.

  • Placing mums and pumpkins together on the porch, and an elegant fall wreath hanging from the door are perfect ways to welcome your guests before they enter your home this Thanksgiving.
  • If you have the room on your front porch, a small outdoor table with decorative plants, miniature pumpkins, and multi-colored falls leaves could look very festive.

Fall and winter’s early sunset gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your home’s beautiful outdoor lighting, customized to accent your home’s best features and outdoor decorations. As your guests leave for the night, imagine soft lights shining on your trees, with its blooms long gone, getting a chance for a new life. Pathway lighting not only looks great to illuminate what would be an otherwise dark atmosphere but also offers a safe way for your guests to get back to their cars safely.

Indoor Entryway

After being wowed by your tasteful walkway and porch, you can dazzle your guests even more by creating the perfect indoor entryway. Indoor lighting may not be the first thing a guest will notice, but over time, the right (or wrong) lighting may make the mood.

  • For entryways, consider using a soft, low-wattage fluorescent or CFL, which will reduce overly bright and unflattering brightness.
  • If you really want to go all out, instead of a typical ceiling light fixture, use a pendant-style fixture that elegantly hangs down. That will surely catch your guests’ attention.

To really set off the spirit of Thanksgiving, place a small table in the entryway with decorations and a tray of snacks. Nothing will appeal to the senses quite like handing your guests something to eat as soon as they walk in!

If you’re like most families in America, it can be an easy habit to simply pile up your shoes near the front entryway.

  • Keeping this area neat and clean for your guests will help them feel more welcomed.
  • Consider using a coat rack so your guests can quickly get comfortable and easily find their coat when it’s time to leave.

Many people face the dilemma of not having a “real” entryway, with the front door opening up directly into the living room. In this situation, create the illusion of an entryway by:

  • Using a rug or floor runner to provide boundaries between the front door and the living room.
  • Use a small table with a plant and lamp in the living room as another “barrier” piece to separate the two areas.

It’s not too late to begin building the custom outdoor lighting design that you’ve been dreaming of! Amaze your guests this holiday season by bringing the elegance of beautiful lighting to your home. If you’re ready to talk to one of our expert designers about a custom fall outdoor lighting plan for your yard, contact¬†Enlightened¬†to schedule a free complimentary consultation or call us at 703-215-9089.