The Beauty of Landscape Lights During Winter

With the holidays just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to indulge your house and senses in the beauty of landscape lights during winter. With winter’s early sunset, you get more time than ever to show off your home’s curb appeal with a beautiful outdoor lighting design, custom-tailored to accent your home’s best features, including your winter outdoor decorations and Christmas lights.House

Even though it seems like it’s dark as much as it is light, you can still feel warm and cozy every time your outdoor lights come on, creating a beautiful wash of lights and shadows that dance over your home and lawn.

How Lovely Are Your Branches!

This time of year seems to stir up our need for good food and good company. If you’re hosting a holiday gathering, you can make your guests feel welcomed and warm with a few simple landscape lights shining on your trees and house. Imagine a soft light shining on one of your front yard trees, casting a shadow onto the walls of your home. The leaves may be gone, but with just the right lighting, new life can bloom from dormant plants.

At the end of the night, when your guests are leaving, traversing the grounds could be dangerous, especially when it’s dark and slippery. With pathway lighting, your guests leave feeling safe as they follow the lights from your door down to the end of the drive. As they drive away, they’ll see your home all aglow in beautiful outdoor lighting.House

The beauty of landscape lights during winter is that they can be used to complement nearly any design, decoration, or Christmas lights. At Enlightened, we specialize in tailoring our lighting systems to your exact specifications and existing structures and designs. If you’re worried about landscape lights getting in the way of your annual Christmas light show – don’t be. We can adjust the angle and intensity of our lights to perfectly complement any Christmas decorations and lighting, no matter how complex or simple.

The Enlightened Difference

Even after the holidays have come and gone, there’s no reason your landscape lighting can’t continue to shine on all winter long. Our skilled Enlightened technicians will continue monitoring and update your lighting plan as changes occur. Our comprehensive outdoor lighting maintenance plan guarantees that your landscape lights will look amazing and shine beautifully, no matter the season. Our solid brass LED lights are corrosion and water-resistant and will shine on through below-freezing temperatures and a foot of snow.House

With Enlightened’s maintenance plan, every six months, we will come out to your property to run a full diagnostic test and to ensure the light fixtures are in their optimal setting.

If you’re ready to talk to one of our expert designers about a custom fall outdoor lighting plan for your yard, contact Enlightened to schedule a free complimentary consultation or call us at 703-215-9089.