Halloween Safety & Lighting For Homeowners

ELL TV-Graphic Lighting Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, which means soon, homeowners will be welcoming children from all across the neighborhood. Ensuring your outdoor lighting is up to par before the big night occurs, is key. As you prepare for this fun night with heavy foot-traffic, there are some steps you should take to make sure your property is safe for trick-or-treaters.

With sunset happening earlier, you need to make sure your property is well lit, particularly for a busy, high-traffic night like Halloween. There are different outdoor lighting options that can do the trick. Enlightened recommends a variety of different lighting fixtures and decor, that can brighten your yard and home.

Different types of outdoor lighting best for Halloween:

Path lights

It is important to consider how to make steps and pathways ready for Halloween guests. Path lights are a great solution for illuminating dark paths. As trick-or-treaters make their way from the street or sidewalk across your walkway up to your home, you should ensure the pathway is clear and visible. When selecting the right path light for your yard, we recommend a durable fixture with optimal light output such as our LED cast-brass fixtures.

Coach lights on the house

Coach lights can be another bright solution for the front of your home. These are typically installed by the builder. Coach lights will illuminate your porch and front entrance. We recommend making sure your fixtures have energy-efficient LED bulbs inside.

Post lantern

Post lanterns provide ample light along the driveway or front walkway. This will give the largest light spread, and it can be installed at the end of a driveway or on stone columns near your entrance. We recommend using our special 12 V light bulb, which can reduce your energy bill, allowing you to run a low voltage post lantern.


Downlights can be a great option for illuminating dark driveways. These types of lights can be installed in trees, positioned downward, shining to illuminate a driveway or walkway. You don’t need to worry about people bumping into or knocking down these fixtures, as they are affixed up in trees.

Decorative lights

Similar to Christmas lighting, there is a growing trend of decorative Halloween lights. Mini lights, or strands of lights, in bright colors such as purple and orange are gaining popularity. These do not always provide the lightest output for visibility, but definitely add more vibrance to the decor.

Jack-o-Lanterns & Luminaries

The traditional Jack-o-Lantern can provide festive and decorative light, brightening your front porch or walkway. Luminaries can also be used to line a path or walkway, and we’ve seen many ghost and Halloween themed luminaries available from various retailers. Please keep in mind, a battery-powered LED candle can be a safer alternative to a candle inside Jack-o-Lanterns or luminaries.

Have Fun With Color.

Many homeowners wrongly assume that a dark and dreary look is best for Halloween when in reality this dim approach can create an unsafe area for trick-or-treaters. We recommend a “spooky” and festive mood created with colorful lighting. This can be achieved by utilizing your current light fixtures and simply adding different colored lenses or gel filters. Aim for bold and colorful lighting and decorations to create the perfect ambiance. A well-illuminated home and exterior can help draw attention to fun, colorful, decorations that you’ve set up for Halloween.

Lighting Etiquette.

There are commonsense guidelines when it comes to house lighting on Halloween. In fact, we’d like to suggest that there are several “lighting etiquette” rules that you should follow:

Lights shining outside the home, indicate that you are handing out candy. If you have your exterior and interior lights on, make sure you have candy to give away.

Homeowners should be sure to turn off their exterior lights if they are not home that evening or are not participating in candy distribution.

If you are driving by properties with elaborate light displays such as the YouTube sensation “Edwards Landing Lights” in Leesburg, VA, be respectful of neighbors and traffic patterns. Do not block lawns or driveways to view elaborate light displays. You should always pull over to the side of the road and park. Be sure to respect private property and never enter the yard or property of a light display.

Checklist before Old Hallow’s Eve

Use the following checklist to make sure your lighting and property are ready for trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

  • Test out your exterior lights to make sure the bulbs have not burnt out. Replace any bulbs that have burnt out.
  • Consider switching out incandescent and halogen bulbs to more energy-efficient options like LEDs.
  • Survey your property and identify changes of elevation, steps, cracks in the sidewalk, etc. Be sure to closely examine any problem areas where children could trip or stumble.
  • Make sure any problematic areas of your property are well lit or clearly marked so that trick-or-treaters are aware.
  • Set up luminaries equidistant across the walkway and avoid the use of candles, which could be a fire hazard. Instead, use battery-powered LED’s inside.