Spotlight: Ultimate Outdoor Lighting Makeover

This week in our home spotlight series, we’re taking a look at one of our “ultimate outdoor lighting makeover” projects! This homeowner had approximately 75 plastic halogen lights that had been installed on his property a decade ago. It was definitely time for an LED upgrade, so he called Enlightened Lighting to replace his outdated lighting system with our state-of-the-art LED system.

Exterior Home Lights

On the property, there is a long driveway that cuts through the wooded lot and leads to the beautiful brick home, surrounded by well-kept landscaping.

Brick Pedestal

Tree Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

The backyard has a large pool, a spacious patio, stone walkways, and a brick fireplace with plush patio furniture.


Lit Pathway

We took the existing system of 75 lights and did a complete overhaul to make it more energy-efficient, more durable, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Energy efficiency

Originally, there were 60 up light fixtures, each averaging about 35 watts a piece, and 15 path lights, each averaging about 20 watts apiece. We replaced all of these high-energy fixtures with efficient LED fixtures, which are 7 watts a piece for up lights and 4 watts a piece for path lights.

Cutting the wattage of each fixture by about 40 percent resulted in significant energy and cost savings for the homeowner! We were then able to cut the number of transformers in half, going from four (totaling 4,500 watts) to two (totaling 600 watts). As an added bonus, this meant that the timers and switches to control all 75 lights were much simpler to manage.

Durability and quality

The homeowner’s existing lighting fixtures were large, clunky, plastic well lights.

Outdated Light

Mulch Covered Well Light

Since they were 10 years old, the plastic fixtures were fading, the aluminum paint was peeling off, and the plastic lens covers were turning yellow. Plastic is not the most durable material for outdoor use, and the sun had noticeably degraded the fixtures over time. Some of the path lights were also falling apart because the heat from the halogen bulbs made the fixtures brittle and prone to breaking.

We replaced these fixtures with our high-quality, marine-grade brass fixtures. Brass is an incredibly sturdy material, so over time, it won’t degrade or fall apart, even when exposed to harsh elements like rain, snow, or sun. That’s why we have a lifetime warranty on our fixtures.

Best LED Path Light


Our lens covers are made of premium-grade tempered glass instead of plastic, so they won’t discolor or disintegrate over time. The yellow discoloration on the old plastic well light covers was actually blocking the light output, diminishing it by about 20 percent.

Beautifully integrated and functional

The old plastic well lights were not only visibly degraded, but they were also clunky and stood out of the landscape because of their size.

Each fixture was six inches in diameter, giving it a large and noticeable footprint. In the industry, we often jokingly refer to well lights as “sewer pipe fixtures” because they are made from the same material as the drainage pipes for your home sewage system. This black PVC pipe is inexpensive and waterproof, but it isn’t very attractive!

We replaced this outdated style with our sleek, slim, and beautiful cast-brass fixtures. With a natural finish and a diameter of 2.5 inches, they blend seamlessly into their surroundings.


These fixtures also provide a better light output than even a brand new well light would. This is because the LED optic technology controls the spread of light, reducing the hotspot and evenly distributing the beam up the house or tree. Halogens use simple mirror reflectors that result in a concentrated hotspot that fades significantly as the light travels away from the fixture.

A modern, efficient, and stunning result

After our extreme lighting makeover, the homeowner was able to enjoy his beautifully lit property without worrying about wasting energy. Plus, the fixtures we installed will last a lifetime without showing signs of age.

Check back soon for more project spotlights, and contact Enlightened Lighting today if you want to transform your home or backyard into a practical and enjoyable outdoor space!